Main CharactersEdit

  • Nicholas Weintraub as Detective Arnold Jones.
  • Christian Coulsen as Master Gracey
  • John Wrightson as Beauregard Meaker, The Ghost Host
    • Jeremy Irons as the Beauregard Meaker, The Ghost Host
  • Julia Lee as Constance Hatchaway
    • Kat Credissa as the voice of Constance Hatchaway
  • Kit van Acker as Madame Leota
  • John Vickery as Sewell
  • John Goodman as the Executioner
  • Ken Stott as Gus
  • Mark Hadlow as Fred
  • Jack Black as Dave/Erasmus Pickwick
  • John Rhys-Davies as Alexander Steven Nitrokoff
  • Wallace Shawn as Horace Fusselbottom, the caretaker
  • unnamed dog actor as Bones, the caretaker's dog


  • Nathan Lane as Jack the Ripper
  • Johnny Depp as Davis Dracula/The trapped coffin man
  • John Loomer as Captain Culpepper Clyne
  • Helena Bonham-Carter as the Big-Cat Woman
  • Sean Connery as the Middle Quicksand Man
  • Peter Cushing as Uncle Theodore's bust
  • Crispin Freeman as the voice of Uncle Theodore's bust
  • John Haban as Ambrose Harper
  • Chow Yun-Fat as The Marquis de Doom
  • Rick Rothschild as George Hightower